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Smart Money Recovery Presents...

Smart With Money Toolkit

Everything you need to get started with money management including our SUPER POPULAR Where Did My Money Go Tracker!

  • Discover where you spend your money so you can see what you value most
  • Create money goals for the month, quarter, and year
  • Learn where you can cut back to spend more where you want

Have More Money In Your Account!

Here's What You Get:

  • Printable Debt Tracker
  • Where Did My Money Go Organization Printable
  • Financial Goal Worksheet
  • Smart Money Recovery Checklist
  • Cash Envelope
  • Bank Teller Slips and Cash Trackers
  • Coffee Savings Tracker
  • List Of Budget Categories For Reference

Budgeting is a dirty word that feels so overwhelming. Why not just skip it and spend where your values are!

Hi. I'm Sara

I'm the creative cheapskate behind Frozen Pennies. I'm a wife, mama, and Financial Coach. I love books, coffee, and yoga pants (not necessarily in that order).

My husband says I am “tighter than bark to a tree.” But we paid off more than $100,000 worth of debt and I’m here to help you do the same.

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