ATTENTION hard-working mamas:

There's ONLY one thing standing in your way of winning with money.

(hint: it has nothing to do with your lack of self-control)

You think about retirement, your kid's college savings, and paying off your debt (which you know is important) but...

Really, you just want to have enough money to...

  • Ditch the home box dye you got with that $5 off coupon and get those glossy highlights in a fancy salon where they serve wine while you wait
  • Enjoy a romantic date night with your husband that doesn't involve 4 items in a bag for $4 wrapped in paper
  • Take off on a weekend getaway to the beach without the stress of wondering whether you have enough money for gas to get home
  • Have money for a mani-pedi every month so you look put together and people believe you are not riding the hot mess express
  • Take your kids on a real family vacation to Disney (or Bali) where you can make the memories that last a lifetime

You've tried budgets before.

You might even think they suck.

You feel like it's too much work, too much time, or just downright overwhelming.

You know that you need some type of financial organization.

Those overdraft fees are killing you and you don't even want to think about the late fees...

You're tired of making minimum payments on your credit cards.

You would rather organize your coat closet, the pantry, or the basement.

Anything but your finances.

It's not your fault. Late fees, overdraft fees, and the roller coaster of your credit score...the cards are (literally) stacked against you.

How are you ever going to get out of debt?

Worrying about your pennies sucks.

According to Business Insider, banks collected over 11 billion dollars in overdraft fees in 2019. Billions!


Here's what you need to know...

  • 35% of adults have a budget in place and feel confident in their future (which means 65% don't).
  • All that fighting with your husband over bills has nothing to do with you and everything to do with an unfair system that you have no control over.
  • The unfair balance of interest rates between a home mortgage (4%), student loans (6%), and credit cards (27%) are the reasons you can't have nice things.
  • It takes the average American almost 19 years to pay off their student loan debt.
  • Being unorganized with your finances is costing you money, happiness, or worse...

How do I know all of this?

I'm Sara and I almost lost our house.

I was a mom of two small boys (one with severe special needs) and I couldn't figure out how to pay all the bills.

My husband and I were making pretty good money yet I was overwhelmed and under-educated.

One bill would be due and I would skip it because another bill was overdue.

I thought if I could skip the electric bill to pay the cable, missing a mortgage payment was no big deal.

Seriously who does this? My family would notice if the cable or electricity was off. That I couldn't hide.

And then when I did try to catch up on the mortgage payments after three months, THE BANK told me it was too late and we were in foreclosure proceedings.

Yup...three months late...foreclosure...

Even then, I wasn't telling my husband anything. I thought I could fix it and he would never know.

Until they woke my husband up and served him with foreclosure papers.

I. Was. Humiliated.

I thought for sure we wouldn't be able to recover from the mess. Thankfully, we figured it out and kept our home.

Here's the lesson...

I felt like I was drowning. I felt embarrassed, anxious, alone, and tired (oh so tired). I knew something had to change so I created a budgeting system that works for women who struggle from juggling too much.

I knew the system was good and it had to be shared along with our debt-free journey (paying off over $70,000 in debt plus the house we almost lost).

I know the system works. It's the same one I've been teaching my one-on-one coaching clients and the same one we still use to this day.

So...I stopped teaching preschool and became a Certified Financial Coach.

Here's the good news...

You make plenty of money (even if you think you don't).

What do you do next?

You have two choices

  • You keep fighting, complaining about the economy and the war on the middle class.


  • You become the hero and take control over your finances, and future.

Imagine if you could...

Create a money plan to get out of debt that fits your needs and dreams

Stop money anxiety and know exactly where your money's going

Save money easily so you're prepared for the expected and the unexpected

Feel inspired, motivated, and excited about your new spending plan

Wouldn't it be great to...

  • Shift your money mindset
  • Create and achieve your financial goals
  • Catch up when you're behind on bills
  • Come up with an actionable debt payoff plan
  • Organize your fixed and variable expenses
  • Prioritize your cash management system
  • Make a budget
  • Create a feeling of security


Budgeting With Pennies

Create a budget that will give you security for your family, knowing that college for your children is paid for put together by a busy mom and financial coach who has helped over 500,000 women transform their lives.

Feel the freedom to shop at Whole Foods and buy all the organic produce and grass-fed beef knowing that there's money for that.

Book the appointment for the 60-minute facial and enjoy every minute of "you time".

Appreciate the feeling that you don't owe anyone anything and all your hard-earned money is yours to do whatever you want with.

Learn how to allocate your spending for what's most important to you while still enjoying life.


Budgeting With Pennies eBook ($67)

Know Your Values, Know Your Why Toolkit ($7)

Mindset Mastery With Pennies Workbook ($19)

Budget Prep Checklist ($7)

10 Individual Lesson Printables to Corespond With Lessons ($5)

A deep dive into all the things you need to know to create a plan to budget your paychecks.

With 10 lessons (that will take you about an hour) to walk you through a proven system created by a Financial Coach.


Budgeting With Pennies Can Help If You:

  • Don't know where to start
  • Are intimidated by all the math
  • Are losing sleep at night because you can't figure out why you never have any money
  • Are fighting with your spouse about finances too often
  • Know your finances are a mess and forget to pay bills

Go from being financially frustrated to confident and in control.

By the end of this course, you will have the skills and the money to do the things you want AND get out of debt.

Budgeting With Pennies will empower you to create a responsible spending plan so you can have clarity and confidence with your family finances.

Spending money is easy. Spending money responsibly is hard!

Let me be your guide to a better lifestyle.

Let me coach you and walk you through each and every step with the same system I use with my coaching clients.

I have helped thousands of people budget, get out of debt and spend their money responsibly.

This is the system I have used for almost 20 years - the same system that helped me pay off over $70,000 in debt AND my home (even after we almost lost our house).

It's time to invest in your financial freedom. If you're not emotionally invested, your chances of follow-through are slim.

What People Are Saying

I must say, Sara, you have one of the most unique budget planners. You are spot on. I have read different budget planners for years but nothing can beat you. Thank you for your excellent advice. You are the best!" — Mersiha

This course is for you if you...

  • Want to pay off debt and live a debt-free life
  • Need some guidance setting up a budget
  • Have tried budgets before but have never followed through
  • Are tired of paying on that Student Loan and just want to be done
  • Are nervous about facing your finances
  • Have had enough of late fees and overdrafts
  • Are tired of handing over your money to lenders and credit card companies

Check out these bonuses...

Know Your Values Know Your Why Toolkit

Exploratory exercises to decide what you value most - creating a bridge between your emotions and your money.

Mindset Mastery Workbook

A workbook to help you work through your money paradigms and create a new relationship with your finances.

Budget Prep Checklist

The perfect companion to the Budgeting With Pennies course. A checklist to make sure you haven't skipped anything.



This budget will not give you a scarcity mindset or make you feel like you cannot spend money. It will help you assign an amount to whatever it is you value most.

With no restrictions on spending categories, this budget gives you permission to spend while being organized, paying off debt, and preparing for the future.


This is course is all instant download. Nothing will come in the mail and you will have access within minutes of purchase.


It will take you around an hour to go through the course. The research part will be dependant on how fast you can get your hands on the information and numbers you need.


ABSOLUTELY! It's time to make an investment into your financial freedom. Today can be the day you change your future for the better.

This is the same information I teach my one on one coaching students for a fraction of the cost.

This is created by a certified financial coach after years of training.

For the price of a family dinner out, you can change the status of your family tree and create an amazing legacy for the ones that come after you.


Sure. It comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. I'm confident that this course will guide you toward financial freedom and money confidence that I will give you your money back if it's not the right fit.

Budgeting With Pennies

You could pass on this offer and stick with what you're already doing or you can grab this chance to finally feel confident and in control of your money.

Let's go have some fun with budgeting.


Budgeting With Pennies Course ($67)

Know Your Values, Know Your Why Toolkit ($7)

Mindset Mastery With Pennies Workbook ($19)

Budget Prep Checklist ($7)

10 Individual Lesson Printables ($5)

A deep dive into all the things you need to know to create a plan to budget your paychecks.

With 10 lessons (that will take you about an hour) to walk you through a proven system created by a Financial Coach.